Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Computing Solutions


What is Thin client?

Why MEC Thin clients?

MEC Thin clients are computer terminals that enable many users to make use of a Host desktop computer simultaneously and independently.

All the users make use of the resources (like Hard drive, Memory, Processor) of the Host computer without compromising efficiency.

Each users run applications (like web Browsers, Instant Messenger, Microsoft applications, web cam) simultaneously and independently

as if they are on separate computers.

Thin client consumes just 5 watts compare to 120watts to 160 watts of typical computers. we can save as much as 95% in electricity consumption by using Thin clients.
Provides Security:
Since all the activities are taking place inside the Host computers, sensitive datas can be kept safe easily away from stealing.
No noise and saves spaces:
Thin clients generates no noise, heat, and saves spaces.
1 to 100

Lower cost of ownership:

Thin client reduces your initial investment and have long life span than typical desktop computer.

Savings in time and resources:
Reducing your time in installing applications at each users computers and also cost of upgrading hardware and software.
Only the Host computer needed to be upgraded when necessary.

Zero Maintenance:
Thin Client is protected from hard disk crashes, power pack problems, bad memory, motherboard issues, malware problems, virus problems,
everyday formatting and Desktop control.

Thin clients have no moving part and last long.

Thin clients support DaaS and XaaS (Desktop as a Service and Microbanking Software as a Service). For more details on these please visit http://mtnbusiness.com.ng/services-solutions/software-service